Coronavirus: What Would Leonardo Advise? by Michael J. Gelb

Leonardo da Vinci is humanity’s greatest genius. His wisdom is needed, now. The Black Death gives birth to the Renaissance Humanity’s greatest pandemic, thus far, The Black Death of 1347–1351, spread across Asia and Europe with devastating consequences, especially in Italy. Estimates of the Eurasian death toll in that four-yearContinue Reading

You were born with a neural and energetic endowment that gives you unlimited creative potential. We inherit a birthright of genius, but with rare exceptions, most of us are de-geniused. How do we get de-geniused? And what can we do to get re-geniused?

Business is poised to play the key role in this evolution that can heal our planet and provide greater prosperity, abundance, health, and happiness for millions of people who are suffering needlessly.

There is a creative force in the universe that we can all experience in our hearts and minds as a “grand wavelike vastness.” In creative endeavors we open ourselves to discover our harmony with “something greater” and, if we persevere, something true and beautiful just might emerge.

There has been a marked shift over the last several years with both investors and businesses increasingly developing a more holistic approach focused on both profit maximisation and having a positive social impact on various stakeholders including customers, suppliers, employees, and the overall environment.

Now more than ever, we need to integrate the technological and the human, the scientific and the artistic ways of making sense of our world. Here is a compelling case for why this integration is essential…