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#163: Michael Gelb, Applying Genius Thinking

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NOV 28, 2018

Michael Gelb found his calling during a tumultuous time in American history. It was during the polarized 1970s Gelb decided he wanted to look for ways to help people clearly think through and debate real issues. He found meditation to be a good starting point, which eventually led him to England, where he studied the spiritual traditions of the world and how they’re interconnected. Gelb explains how he took these studies of consciousness and self-awareness and translated them into practical techniques to help people think more clearly and creatively.

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Perhaps you’ve heard of the Alexander Technique, a tried-and-true method to help actors and singers with their voices. But that’s only the beginning. It’s also known to dramatically help people with neck and back pain, to build poise and even boost your mood.  More…


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