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What's Next! with Tiffani Bova: The Beauty of Truth and the Secret to Thinking like Leonardo Da Vinci with Michael J. Gelb

Michael Gelb breaks down how we too can think like innovation master and genius, Leonardo Da Vinci. It is a conceptual roadmap that is sure to change how you approach work and life. Confidence and a desire to find the beauty of truth will change how you approach and learn from failure and continue to feed your curiosity. Moreover, as a world-famous juggler, Michael also shares how we can keep multiple balls in the air ourselves, and how we can solve problems quickly and efficiently. 

The Rebound Talks: Michael Gelb on How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci

Host: Antonio Colmenares. Some questions I'm asked: (01:30) I want to start by discussing how the Black Death could have ultimately given birth to the renaissance? (07:04) What sparked your curiosity in Leonardo Da Vinci, and how did you go about decoding such an incredible genius? (11:05) How can we spark that love for learning? (20:15) What are Leonardo Da Vinci's 7 principles, and what are some techniques we can start implementing? (47:18) How do psychedelics help you understand this "interconnectedness" between humans?

Welcome To Humanity: Thinking Like Leonardo da Vinci with Michael Gelb

Dr. Fred and Michael Gelb discuss the Alexander Technique, Michael’s collaboration with Tony Buzan, the creator of mind mapping, Michael’s inspiration for his bestselling book How To Think Like Leonardo da Vinci, the most profound secret for letting higher wisdom and real creativity flow through you, and did Leonardo da Vinci “predict” the internet?

Jason Hartman speaks with Michael Gelb – How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci & The Art of Connection, 7 Relationship-Building Skills Every Leader Needs Now

Michael discusses key points from his books, "How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci" and "The Art of Connection."

Mark Crawley interviews Michael Gelb about "The Healing Organization: Awakening The Conscience Of Business To Help Save The World"

Michael shares remarkable stories about well-known companies and how they've earned uncommon loyalty, profit & success by operating in ways that inherently "heal" their employees, customers & communities.

Brainfluence Podcast with Roger Dooley

Roger Dooley speaks with Michael J. Gelb about "The Healing Organization"

In this episode, we discuss whether a fundamentally different operating system for business can lead to better outcomes for customers, employees, and communities—while also providing above-average financial results. Listen in to learn how you can become a humane and positive leader, the benefits of forward-thinking, and more.

Michael J. Gelb about The Art of Connection

Why are some leaders successful at engaging and inspiring their teams and others aren't? In a word - connection.Watch this for a conversation with Michael J. Gelb about The Art of Connection.

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