Wine, Beauty and Genius!

Last night I had the privilege of making dinner for Nobel Laureate (Physics), Murray Gell-Man.

Renowned for his elegant theory of subatomic particles (Quarks*), Murray is, at age 81, vital, incisive, witty and charming.

We discussed the history of genius; (great to do this with a bonafide genius!). I gave him the criteria described in Discover Your Genius and he did a pretty good job of guessing the members of my Dream Team. (He’s one of the few people to ever get Brunelleschi.)

We enjoyed a Pierre Peters Champagne with our Lobster and Green Chile Pasta, a 1998 Borgogno Riserva Barolo with our Dijon-Sage Chicken and a Daniel Bouju “Empereur” Cognac with our comparative tasting of dark chocolates. Yum!


Michael Gelb and Murray Gell-Man - Wine Beauty and GeniusLike his former colleague Albert Einstein, Murray is insatiably curious, passionate about learning, and wonderfully playful; (don’t you love the specs we are wearing in the photo?). Einstein said, “Things should be made as simple as possible, not simpler.” Murray’s work is an example of this optimal simplicity. And, at the heart of the simplicity, (in the midst of complexity,) is the quest for Truth and Beauty. Check out his TED talk on Beauty and Truth in Physics.

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