Executive Coaching with Michael J. Gelb & Associates

Michael J. Gelb applies his creativity as an executive coach to help leaders to achieve their full potential. Many of his coaching clients have risen to become President/CEO of major organizations. Presidents and CEOs find that it’s not as lonely at the top when they can rely on Michael’s wisdom, support and creative insight. Michael also works with entrepreneurs, athletes, entertainers, authors, and professionals from many areas who aspire to turn ambitious, creative visions into reality.

Michael is a pioneer and thought leader in the field of Executive Coaching. Dr. Marcia Reynolds, past president of the International Coach Federation and current president of the Association for Coach Training Organizations praises Michael as “the premier voice on creativity for the coaching world.

Michael Gelb’s executive coaching, leadership training, and consulting were profoundly helpful in forging high performance teams in two very different organizations. First at C & P Telephone where we collaborated to transform the monopolistic heritage of the Bell System into a competitive, contemporary communications company, and then at NPR where we focused on developing a more entrepreneurial culture and creating a more diverse workforce while lobbying Congress to continue it’s support for public radio. In both of these assignments, I was impressed with Michael’s ability to understand our business challenges and to tailor his techniques and methods to help us solve our most important problems.

~ Delano Lewis, Former President & CEO C&P Telephone, National Public Radio, US Ambassador to South Africa

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My Coaching Philosophy

I’m passionate about helping high potential individuals achieve their most important goals. My approach to coaching is based on the 7 Da Vinci Principles as expressed in How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci.

When I first engaged Michael I had no idea how many changes and challenges I would face in the years to come.  Michael’s remarkable ability to listen and ask the right questions, and his uncanny gifts as a facilitator of creative thinking have helped me make the most of all my opportunities.

~Jim D’Agostino  President, Related Colorado

  • Curiosità – An insatiable quest for knowledge and continuous improvement
  • Dimostrazione – Learning from experience. Thinking for yourself.
  • Sensazione – Sharpening the senses. Mindfulness. Amplifying positive experiences.
  • Sfumato – Embracing ambiguity, uncertainty and change.
  • Arte/Scienza – Whole-brain thinking.
  • Corporalità – Body-mind fitness, managing energy, cultivating balance and poise.
  • Connessione – Systems thinking. Seeing the big picture.

Leonardo wrote: “Fix your course to a star and you can navigate through any storm.” In other words, clarify your purpose and values and align them with your goals and strategies. This was the Maestro’s strategy for dealing with the extraordinary change and turmoil of his time. Now, the Da Vinci Principles serve as a guide to help you define and align around your star:


The executive coaching journey begins with curiosity and proceeds through a flow of appreciative inquiry. Clients are guided to clarify their most important issues and to articulate their ideal outcomes.  Frequently, clients experience a breakthrough in the first few sessions as they reformulate and gain insight into their critical concerns. We utilize an individualized version of the same process we apply to help teams find solutions to their most important challenges. This includes a powerful series of questions designed to help clients discover the key point of leverage in their lives now. Moreover, clients are coached in applying the art of appreciative self-questioning, so they can internalize the learning that evolves through the coaching process.


A coach is a catalyst, promoting the client’s ability to think independently and creatively about important issues. Clients discover an expanded capacity for objective, critical thinking and an enhanced capacity to consider different perspectives. We will guide you to question assumptions that may be limiting your progress and help you discover your own authentic wisdom.


The third principle focuses on sharpening the senses, bringing full attention to the present moment. Our approach to coaching is predicated on mindfulness and profound sensory acuity. All our coaches are gifted, accurately empathic listeners, who are engaged in a lifelong journey of refining and developing their own sensory awareness. Inspired by Leonardo, we will guide you to discover more beauty in every day life, bringing more Dolce to your Vita!


The path to solutions and progress is rarely linear. Learning to embrace uncertainty and endure confusion is a hallmark of the creative mind. Clients often report that they are able to shift out of long-held patterns of anxiety and turn that energy into enthusiasm for growth and change.


The path out of uncertainty requires patience and an understanding of the rhythms of the creative process. Viable solutions are characterized by an integration of logic and intuition. Clients are guided to develop this balance and apply it in the search for solutions.


Making change requires creative energy. When appropriate, clients are guided to raise their baseline of creative energy through a series of evidence-based, proven practices. Clients with particularly challenging physical and energetic difficulties are referred to the Board-Certified physician who is part of our coaching team. Each member of our coaching team is gifted in helping clients transform the energy of stress into fuel for high performance.


The seventh principle brings everything together. We are dedicated to helping you accomplish your goals in the most efficient and intelligent way. Our clients reframe personal and professional challenges and make new connections in order to get specific desired results. We will help you discover a balance between seeing the big picture of your purpose, values and long-term goals and the tasks you must focus on every day.

Michael Gelb worked with our team for many years. His coaching was a key element in the achievement of our business success.

~Ed Bassett, CEO DuPont Capital Management

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Additional Services:

Individual and Team Presentation Coaching

Michael offers coaching to help you prepare for important presentations.

Vision Crafting

Let Michael help you clarify your organization’s vision, mission, values and strategy.

Facilitation of Creative Solutions

Michael applies the creative methods and innovative practices described in his books and taught in his seminars to help you solve important business problems.

Useful Information

Sessions can be conducted in person or on Skype.

All programs and fees are determined based on client needs.

My coaching team includes experts certified in advanced behavioral instruments such as Insights Discovery, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Clark Wilson and Booth Company 360 Surveys, Hogan Leadership Assessments, and the Leadership Versatility Index.

Michael offers a unique combination of practical business savvy, original intellectual capital, and inspiring creative teaching skill.  I highly recommend him as an executive coach and leadership development resource.

~Sarah A. Murray, SPHR Director, Human Resources, Hunter Roberts Construction Group

The Renaissance Day

I’ve facilitated strategic planning retreats and creative problem solving programs for teams of senior executives around the world.

In these programs clients write Vision, Mission and Value Statements and clarify the goals and objectives for their organizations.

I often ask my clients if they’ve taken the time to do similar exercises for themselves personally and they usually answer that they are too busy with their many responsibilities.

The Renaissance Day is for those who would like to apply this extraordinary creative processes to achieve their most important personal and professional goals.

This day is an opportunity for you to clarify your highest aspirations and craft a plan to make them real.

The word Renaissance means “rebirth.” It refers to the rebirth of the classical Greek ideals of human potential and capability that took place during the time of Leonardo da Vinci.

In your Renaissance Day, you’ll experience a rebirth, refreshment and recharging of your own full potential. You’ll be guided to apply the wisdom of history’s greatest minds to solve your most important problems and live your dreams.

The Renaissance Day is for you if you want support in:

  • Starting or growing a business
  • Managing a major life transition
  • Dealing with a difficult situation or seemingly intractable problem
  • Writing a book
  • Aligning your goals and priorities with your business or life partner
  • Deepening your appreciation for the joys of living

The Renaissance Day is your personal creative strategic planning retreat.

You’ll return home revitalized, inspired and confident, ready for the best year of your life.

To arrange your Renaissance Day, please contact Michael.

Please see The Renaissance Day Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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I’ve watched Michael deliver inspiring, funny, and useful keynotes at coaching conferences around the world. Each time his speech is different. Each time the coaches can’t stop talking about what they got from Michael. He is the premier voice on creativity for the coaching world.

~Dr. Marcia Reynolds, Past President of the ICF., President of the Association for Coach Training Organizations