BRAIN POWER: Improve Your Mind as You Age

Audience: Anyone with a brain who is aging

Competencies: Creative longevity, memory improvement, wellness

Program formats: Keynote speech, half-day to three-day workshop


Brain Power Improve Your Mind as You Age

In the last 30 years the scientific evidence supporting the notion that your mind can improve through the years has become overwhelming. Clearly, the question is no longer whether your mind can improve with age, but rather how you can optimize your mental powers as you get older.

This program presents practical, evidence-based information on improving your mind throughout life. Most of us were raised with faulty ideas about our mental capacity – such as the notion that IQ is fixed at age 5, that brain cells degrade yearly after age 30, and that memory and learning ability inevitably decline with age.

These notions, based on the scientific understanding that was prevalent in the 1950s, are myths – dangerous myths that can stifle our ability to flourish in the second half of life.

Just as Copernicus overturned the myth that the earth was at the center of the universe, so contemporary neuroscience has revolutionized our understanding of the potential to improve mental functioning as we age.

We now know the following:

  • Our mental abilities, including memory, are designed to improve throughout life.  Neuroscientists call this-Neuroplasticity. (Neuro refers to “neuron,” aka “nerve cells,” and plasticity means “changeable, malleable.” )
  • Although some brain cells die as we age, we can generate new cells.
  • Neuroscientists call this-Neurogenesis. (Your neuronal endowment is so great that even if you lost 1,000 brain cells every day for the rest of your life it would still be less than 1% of your total. Of course, it’s important not to lose the 1% that you actually use!)
  • The brain is not, as was once thought, a compartmentalized, hardwired static machine whose parts eventually wear out. Instead, it is a highly adaptable and dynamic organ, capable of generating new neurons, and changing and evolving as we get older.
  • People of average intelligence can, with appropriate training, raise I.Q., improve memory, and sharpen intelligence throughout life.

In this compelling, inspirational and supremely practical program you’ll be presented with the evidence for this new paradigm and, most importantly, you will learn to incorporate this new way of understanding aging so you can improve your mind every year of your life.


Topics include:

  • The New Paradigm: A Whole New Brain
  • Think Counterclockwise: Adopting the Most Adaptive Attitudes
  • Be a Life-Long Learner: How to Improve Your Memory and Learning Ability
  • Exercise for More Brain Power: The Most Beneficial Activities
  • Mind Your Diet to Nourish Your Mind: 7 Simple Elements of a Brain-Friendly Diet
  • How to Create a Brain-Enhancing Environment
  • Investing in Your Social Wealth: Cultivate Healthy Relationships (and Stay Sexy!)
  • Sleep, Naps and Meditation:  Rest Peacefully to Delay Resting in Peace
  • Applied Neuroplasticity: The Brain That Changes Itself