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BRAIN POWER: Improve Your Mind As You Age

NEW RELEASE!  Get your copy of our new book today! Who are your role models for aging? What are your expectations and attitudes about the progress of your mind as you get older? Do you expect your memory to be better or worse in ten or twenty years? How about your sex life? What are your fears, concerns, and […]

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Glory & Refreshment!!

I’m thrilled to announce the release of my wife Deborah’s first CD entitled “Arias and Songs.” The 15 tracks include magnificent pieces by Handel, Mozart, Rossini and more. Deborah expresses her inspiration through the words of Johannes Sebastian Bach: “The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of […]

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Wine Drinking for Inspired Thinking: Holiday Gift Idea

Wondering about the right holiday present for friends, family or clients? Brighten this Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, Diwali, New Years with an Autographed First edition copy of WINE DRINKING for INSPIRED THINKING: Uncork Your Creative Juices! Here’s what some of the world’s leading wine writers say about this book: Wine Drinking for Inspired Thinking: Uncork Your […]

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The Intuitive Investor: A Radical Guide for Manifesting Wealth

My friend Jason Voss has just released a fabulous book, The Intuitive Investor, that offers a Whole Brain approach to investment success. If you read his excellent blog then you know that he has a gift for combining incisive analysis with big picture insight. This integrated approach was the secret of his success as a […]

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Own The Room!

Need help falling asleep at night? I suggest listening to recordings of presentations given every day at most corporations. Most business presentations are stunningly boring because speakers are driven by a powerful unconscious motivation: Avoid Embarrassment! Like the sports team that “plays not to lose” by implementing a “prevent defense,” the average business presentation is […]

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Happy New Year: Ignite the Genius Within

A Perfect Book/Multi-Media Experience to Initiate 2010! In the Spring of 2009 I spoke at the International Conference on Science and Consciousness. One of the benefits of speaking at this remarkable event is the opportunity to attend sessions given by other presenters. I particularly enjoyed the workshops given by Dr. Jean Houston, Dr. Leonard Laskow […]

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In a capitalist society, business sets the social tone and, ultimately, influences the values and spiritual life of the culture at large, for better or worse. In today’s world, societal development is a function of business and organizational development. As leadership guru Warren Bennis advises: “Because the organization is the primary form of the era, […]

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Cafe Tempest: Eat (More) Pray (More) Love (More)!

I confess that I enjoyed Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert’s phenomenal international best seller. Her blend of culinary celebration, spiritual exploration and romantic emancipation takes us from Italy to India and on to Indonesia. Gilbert’s humor, vulnerability and engaging writing style have made her book a benchmark in the travel/memoir category. Explorer, lyricist and theatrical […]

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The Right Port for this Storm

My friend, Michael Port just sent me an advance copy of The Think Big Manifesto, his 4th book. The Think Big Manifesto is Michael’s best work yet. His subtitle represents a challenge and an invitation to all of us: Think You Can’t Change Your Life (and the World)? Think Again. It is a clarion call […]

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It’s Elementary, my dear Robinson!

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with Sir Ken Robinson on a number of occasions. The first time was in Rome when we both addressed a Young President’s Organization University. The last time was when Ken served as the Master of Ceremonies for Catalyzing Conscious Capitalism in Austin, Texas, last Fall. Ken is […]

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