BRAIN POWER: Improve Your Mind As You Age

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Who are your role models for aging? What are your expectations and attitudes about the progress of your mind as you get older? Do you expect your memory to be better or worse in ten or twenty years? How about your sex life? What are your fears, concerns, and worries about getting older? Are you hoping that someone will develop the mental equivalent of Viagra?

In the last thirty years, the scientific evidence supporting the notion that your mind can improve through the years has become overwhelming. Clearly, the question is no longer whether your mind can improve with age but, rather, how you can optimize your mental powers as you get older.

This book presents practical, evidence-based wisdom to help you answer this question. You’ll learn new skills to increase memory, intelligence, creativity, and concentration. And you’ll cultivate greater confidence and healthy optimism as you discover how to improve your mind as you age.


What people are saying about BRAIN POWER:

“A blueprint to optimize your brain and improve the rest of your life.”
— Daniel G. Amen, MD, author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

“You will find, on every page, useful and intriguing knowledge, resources, practices, exercises, and technologies to unleash your brain power and improve your mind as you age. Buy it, read it, live it!”
— Tony Buzan, author of Use Both Sides of Your Brain

“This book offers an excellent collection of tools to improve your mind and life. I hope everyone will read this wonderful resource, which can help us all to not just survive but thrive.”
— Bernie Siegel, MD, author of 365 Prescriptions for the Soul and A Book of Miracles

Brain Power is beautifully written, weaving together science, art, and history to provide the evidence and practical tools to enhance your brain function so that you can have a brilliant life. Everyone should read this book.”
— Eva Selhub, MD, author of The Love Response and instructor at Harvard Medical School

“In Brain Power, Michael Gelb and Kelly Howell present us with one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date reviews of simple yet powerful strategies we can all implement to not just preserve but actually improve the power of our brains as we age. This book is a must-have for anyone interested in wellness and longevity.”
— Tereza Hubkova, MD, integrative specialist, Canyon Ranch, Lenox, MA

“This wonderful book offers everything you need to know to improve your mind as you age. The latest science combined with a user-friendly, highly entertaining presentation make this book a winner. Highly recommended!”
— Hyla Cass, MD, author of 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health

Brain Power is an essential, practical, and inspiring guide to improving your mind as you age. Savor the sounds and meanings to bring harmony to your life. This book is ageless!”
— Don Campbell, author of The Mozart Effect and Healing at the Speed of Sound

Glory & Refreshment!!

I’m thrilled to announce the release of my wife Deborah’s first CD entitled “Arias and Songs.”

The 15 tracks include magnificent pieces by Handel, Mozart, Rossini and more.

Deborah expresses her inspiration through the words of Johannes Sebastian Bach: “The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul.”

This glorious, refreshing, divine music will uplift, engage and inspire you.

If everyone in the world could listen to this every day there would be Harmony and Joy on Earth!!

Listen to samples here!

I have been fortunate as a life long opera goer to have been present in the audience to hear some of the world’s greatest mezzos — Rise Stevens, Marilyn Horne, Frederica von Stade, Regina Resnick. And after hearing Deborah sing, I have to conclude that she belongs in this circle of genius. The texture and brilliance of her voice, its extraordinary range and ornamentation, its beauty, power and resonance are of the same order that I heard in the luminous mezzos of the past. And also there is her personality–physical beauty matched with charm and evocative presence. Indeed she is an artist of the highest degree.  — Feedback from Jean Houston, Ph.D., author of The Possible Human and The Hero and the Goddess

Wine Drinking for Inspired Thinking: Holiday Gift Idea

Wondering about the right holiday present for friends, family or clients?

Brighten this Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, Diwali, New Years with an Autographed First edition copy of WINE DRINKING for INSPIRED THINKING: Uncork Your Creative Juices!

Here’s what some of the world’s leading wine writers say about this book:

Wine Drinking for Inspired Thinking: Uncork Your Creative Juices is one of the most practical and useful books about a consumer’s experience in dealing with the subject of wine that I have ever read. There is an enormous amount of terrific, and more importantly, reliable and useful information in this book by Michael Gelb. Highly recommended. Robert Parker Jr. The Wine Advocate

There are more books on wine available now than ever before, but this one is special. In Wine Drinking for Inspired Thinking: Uncork Your Creative Juices, Michael Gelb has taken a totally different approach to understanding and having fun with wine by combining poetry, philosophy, art, music, and science. This is not a book just about wine but the many people who have enjoyed the pleasures of wine throughout history. It is also filled with valuable information on buying, storing, and serving wine, along with his ultimate wine and food combinations. In the process, Gelb inspires us to enjoy a more creative approach to the art of living and drinking. Kevin Zraly, Author of The Complete Windows on the World Wine Course

Michael Gelb takes a mind-altering, life-changing approach to wine and the mind in this wonderful book. Drink deeply from his delightful perspective and savor life fully lived. Natalie MacLean, four-time James Beard award-winning author of Red, White and Drunk All Over

If you cannot imagine having Socrates, Shakespeare and Da Vinci over to laugh at your jokes, weep at your poetry and beg for your advice on wine, then your work/play balance might need serious adjustment. Your only hope is to go immerse yourself in Michael Gelb’s delightful new book, and discover why the best things in the world to open together are a bottle of wine and your mind. Jennifer Rosen, author of The Cork Jester’s Guide to Wine and winner of the 2005 James Beard Award for Internet Wine Writing


Buy a Wine Drinking for Inspired Thinking: Uncork Your Creative Juices T-shirt for 50% off this holiday season! Original price $24 on sale now for only $12, (price includes shipping in the U.S.).

The Intuitive Investor: A Radical Guide for Manifesting Wealth

My friend Jason Voss has just released a fabulous book, The Intuitive Investor, that offers a Whole Brain approach to investment success. If you read his excellent blog then you know that he has a gift for combining incisive analysis with big picture insight. This integrated approach was the secret of his success as a money manager with the Davis Appreciation and Income Fund. Jason consistently beat his benchmarks by a wide margin and generated significant returns for his clients. Jason “retired” at age 35 because he foresaw the coming collapse of the markets, and he didn’t want to represent any fund that was obligated to keep money invested.

Now, Jason has written a definitive manual explaining his approach to balancing penetrating logic with subtle awareness. His book is a complete ‘how to’ investment manual designed to help you manifest wealth. In the book, Jason shares the secrets behind his successful investment career, including:

  • How to use your intuition in the investment process.
  • How to discern the difference between intuition and fear-based feelings.
  • How to align your financial goals with a sense of higher purpose.

Signed copies of the book are available through Jason’s website. This is a great gift for anyone you know who desires greater prosperity!

Own The Room!

Need help falling asleep at night? I suggest listening to recordings of presentations given every day at most corporations.

Most business presentations are stunningly boring because speakers are driven by a powerful unconscious motivation: Avoid Embarrassment!

Like the sports team that “plays not to lose” by implementing a “prevent defense,” the average business presentation is organized around avoiding failure rather than creating a powerful, memorable and engaging experience. All business presentations are a form of theater: they are either bad theater or good theater! Moreover, developing your strengths as a presenter is one of the most powerful ways to strengthen your career possibilities. All other things being equal, the best presenter/communicator is the one who gets the job/promotion/leadership opportunity.

My passion for helping others cultivate this essential skill led me to write Present Yourself: Captivate Your Audience With Great Presentation Skills in 1988 and to record Speak With Power: Giving High Performance Presentations for Profit and Results with Nightingale-Conant.

And I’m always seeking other resources to complement the ones that I have created.

Own the Room: Business Presentations That Persuade, Engage and Get Results by David Booth, Deborah Shames and Peter Desberg stands out from the many other books I’ve seen on the subject, largely because of the unique combination of authors:

  • An award-winning actor who applies performance techniques from the stage to engage and move an audience
  • A television and film director who demonstrates how to craft and deliver your message with authority, credibility, and authenticity
  • A psychologist who specializes in memory and stage fright and reveals how to overcome fear and activate an audience’s attention and memory

I’ve met 2 of the 3 authors and they are authentic innovators in the field of presentation and communication. They provide vivid, practical guidance on helping you stir your audience’s emotions while appealing to its intellect. Read and practice – you will learn how to apply the principles of “good theater” so you can keep your audience awake and engaged as you “play to win” every time you present.

Happy New Year: Ignite the Genius Within

A Perfect Book/Multi-Media Experience to Initiate 2010!

In the Spring of 2009 I spoke at the International Conference on Science and Consciousness. One of the benefits of speaking at this remarkable event is the opportunity to attend sessions given by other presenters. I particularly enjoyed the workshops given by Dr. Jean Houston, Dr. Leonard Laskow and Dr. Christine Page. And, my most outstanding experience at this amazing 5-day event was the session I had with Dr. Christine Ranck. Dr. Ranck wasn’t part of the formal program, she was attending as a participant. After my talk on the Spirit of Leonardo, she approached me and graciously offered to give me an introduction to her work.

Ignite the Genius Within - Cover ImageI’ve experienced, and taught, many approaches to relaxation and creative visualization over the years. I can assert without reservation that Dr. Ranck’s work is unique, effective and truly inspiring. If you can’t go to New York for a private session with her, then the next best idea is to buy her remarkable book: Ignite the Genius Within. The extraordinary illustrations and delightful non-linear approach to creative self-awareness are complemented by a free soundtrack of bio-lateral harmonizing music.

In 2010, the ability to think and act creatively will be more important than ever before. Ignite The Genius Within will help you thrive in the new decade as you learn to make every moment of life a beautiful work of art.


In a capitalist society, business sets the social tone and, ultimately, influences the values and spiritual life of the culture at large, for better or worse. In today’s world, societal development is a function of business and organizational development. As leadership guru Warren Bennis advises: “Because the organization is the primary form of the era, it is also the primary shaper … we must redesign organizations in order to redesign society along more humane and functional lines.” from Thinking for a Change by Michael J. Gelb, Harmony Books, 1996

Working for Good

Jeff Klein is a positive, creative force in the redesign of organizations to better serve the higher purposes of society. He currently serves as executive director and chief integration officer for Conscious Capitalism, Inc. – a nonprofit dedicated to “liberating the entrepreneurial spirit for good.” (I have the pleasure of working with Jeff on the Conscious Capitalism event coming up in Austin on October 20-23).

Jeff’s new book Working for Good: Making a Difference While Making a Living is a gift to anyone who seeks to make work more meaningful. He introduces five essential skills – Awareness, Embodiment, Connection, Collaboration, and Integration – and shows how they can form a self-reinforcing system that supports you to cultivate your humanity and bring it to work, for the benefit of yourself, your business, and the greater good. This is a great book to give to all your colleagues!

Jeff also offers an eBook that outlines 26 principles of Working for Good to support the five essential skills. The eBook includes the preface and part of the introduction to Working for Good: Making a Difference While Making a Living, and you can download it for free from his website.

Cafe Tempest: Eat (More) Pray (More) Love (More)!

I confess that I enjoyed Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert’s phenomenal international best seller. Her blend of culinary celebration, spiritual exploration and romantic emancipation takes us from Italy to India and on to Indonesia. Gilbert’s humor, vulnerability and engaging writing style have made her book a benchmark in the travel/memoir category.

cafe-tempestExplorer, lyricist and theatrical producer, Barbara Bonfigli has just released a new fictional travel/memoir that offers us all of these ingredients, and more! In Café Tempest, Bonfigli invites us to share a concentrated experience of food, spirit and love on an intimate Greek island. Your mouth will water from her savory descriptions of zucchini fritters and baklava (recipes included), your heart will race with the tempestuousness of love, and you’ll discover a remarkable depth of spiritual wisdom (and humor!) that shines through every page.

Bonfigli’s recipe for this fabulous first novel plays with the best elements of the approach of Gilbert and Peter Mayle (A Year in Provence) and combines them with ingredients from Nikos Kazantzakis (Zorba the Greek) and Shakespeare (The Tempest) to bring us a uniquely sumptuous literary feast.


The Right Port for this Storm

My friend, Michael Port just sent me an advance copy of The Think Big Manifesto, his 4th book.

thinkbigmanifesto250hThe Think Big Manifesto is Michael’s best work yet.

His subtitle represents a challenge and an invitation to all of us: Think You Can’t Change Your Life (and the World)? Think Again.

It is a clarion call to use our potential to think like Leonardo, Edison and Einstein in the most constructive, practical ways possible.

Michael’s passion, commitment and energy shine through every page.

His book serves as a delightful kick in the pants to inspire you to take your thinking and action to a higher level.

Here’s a direct quote from his book;

The think big revolution is in full swing. There’s no stopping it. Thousands of revolutionaries are coming together to collaborate, cooperate and combine forces to yes… think bigger about who they are and what they offer the world. Thinking big is about one person at a time experiencing his or her own personal empowerment against an existing, deficient (small thinking) system. It’s about being fully self-expressed in the face of all the forces that conspire to pacify your drive, your hunger to be the most you can be. Be a part of history. Bring your big thoughts forward. Get your manifesto and road map to navigate these revolutionary times. The Think Big Manifesto is not just my manifesto, it’s our manifesto. It is the manifesto of everyone who is, who will and wants to think big. Michael Port

Michael’s book makes a great present, especially for those friends and colleagues who are struggling with the negative and small-minded thinking that dominates the media. The only way forward – for us as individuals as well as for society at large – is through solution-centered, positive, creative thinking. Michael Port inspires you to expand and revitalize your thinking. His book is a long-acting B12 shot for your mind!

It’s Elementary, my dear Robinson!

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with Sir Ken Robinson on a number of occasions. The first time was in Rome when we both addressed a Young President’s Organization University. The last time was when Ken served as the Master of Ceremonies for Catalyzing Conscious Capitalism in Austin, Texas, last Fall. Ken is the Michael Caine of the creativity education world. He is a witty, charming champion of human potential.

In his new book, The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything, Ken presents a lively manual for “Following Your Bliss.” He guides readers to understand a simple but profound truth: Achievement and success are the natural result of the marriage of passion and talent. As he notes in the Introduction, his aim in writing the book:

…is to offer a richer vision of human ability and creativity, and of the benefits to us all of connecting properly with our individual talents and passions. This book is about issues that are of fundamental importance in our lives and in the lives of our children, our students, and the people we work with. I use the term The Element to describe the place where the things we love and the things we are good at come together. I believe it is essential that each of us find his or her Element, not simply because it will make us more fulfilled but because, as the world evolves, the very future of our communities and institutions will depend on it.

Ken shows how successful people like Paul McCartney, Ridley Scott, Matt Groening, Vidal Sassoon and Paolo Cohello, as well as lesser known figures, all combine passion and talent to achieve their dreams. And, as inspiring as Ken’s message is for every individual reader, his greatest contribution is helping us all understand how our institutions need to evolve in order to better support this winning combination.

“Must See” TV: Ken at the TED Conference speaking on Do Schools Kill Creativity?